Making an impact – one tattoo at a time.

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 8/23/17 10:43 AM

We are all forced to make choices based on our current circumstances and options present at the time. But what if you made a choice you instantly regretted, or looking back now you wish you hadn't made? That's how Dave Cutlip, tattoo artist, and his wife felt after being recently approached to cover up a regrettable facial tattoo.


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Feature: Room to Read

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 8/22/17 3:38 PM

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3 rules for every successful donation page.

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 8/21/17 11:51 AM

Here are a few things all successful donations pages should have in common: 


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Online communications for nonprofits.

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 6/6/17 3:39 PM

If you’re looking for ways to communicate for your nonprofit, here are 5 simple but effective ways to do so:


The most powerful and genuine way to tell the story of your nonprofit (and the people behind it) is through stories that inspire and attract old and new donors alike. We often say that the difference between a good story and a great story is what catapults supporters into action.


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Four ways we’re different from other impact agencies… and why you should care:

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 5/25/17 11:29 AM

We offer an unique blend of storytelling and time-tested response marketing methods.

Because we believe that the motivation behind action comes from emotional connection — and this connection is made through creating compelling stories, both visual and written. Our creative director marries methods from both his work as a documentary photographer and as his years of experience owning a successful response marketing agency to craft compelling words and evocative images for your non-profit.


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Fundraising tools to keep an eye on:

Posted by Joe Quint on 5/23/17 7:11 AM

Fundraising, in these sophisticated digital times, needs to be more creative than just a “please donate” call-to-action on a website or social account… so here are a few tools that seem pretty awesome for doing the job.


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