Online communications for nonprofits.

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 6/6/17 3:39 PM

If you’re looking for ways to communicate for your nonprofit, here are 5 simple but effective ways to do so:


The most powerful and genuine way to tell the story of your nonprofit (and the people behind it) is through stories that inspire and attract old and new donors alike. We often say that the difference between a good story and a great story is what catapults supporters into action.


In the nonprofit sector, marketing is about securing donors, e-newsletter subscribers, event attendees, etc. A lot of nonprofits have moved onto social media and mobilized their websites to prioritize marketing in content strategy — however, without storytelling, a nonprofit can’t expect to attract supporters just by the hard-sale strategy. There must be an unique mix of storytelling and time-tested marketing for your nonprofit to project powerful messages to bring in donors.


Fundraising is in the intersection of storytelling and marketing, but it is unique in that it inspires individuals and businesses to donate to a cause. Just a story and a strategically placed CTA can do wonders for donations.


Rather than just a simple comment or like every time that someone follows, likes, or comments on your nonprofit’s social accounts, actively engaging in conversation with your followers will actually bring traffic into your content. By responding genuinely to questions and comment as well as facilitate discussions show that the nonprofit has a voice and actively participates in the community that it’s involved in.


Of course, curation is perfect if your nonprofit cannot create content regularly. Using content curation and sharing other people’s content not only will get you noticed by them, but it allows you to share things that you may not have the most expertise in. Content curation gives you a nice library of great works to choose from that can help you push your nonprofit’s voice even further.

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