Everyday superheroes.

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 5/25/17 4:53 PM

Sasha Matthews, a 12-year-old New Yorker has raised over $2000 for ACLU National, just by drawing pictures of people as superheroes based on their jobs or hobbies.

She started off drawing a picture of her dad, photographer Scott Matthews. After he shared it on Facebook, she’s completed 36 drawings and raised a total of $2,298 for ACLU.

Her inspiration for this project stems from her feelings on the Trump administration. She says that people feel helpless and unimportant under all the current events, so drawing them as superheroes empowers them to love what they do.
                        rumble comics.png

ACLU shared a few of her pictures to show gratitude for what she’s doing. It proves that anyone of any age, not just lawyers, can fight for human rights and help organizations like this.

Sasha is an everyday superhero herself. Check out her Facebook, her Twitter, or her website for more wonderful art.

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