Discover someone like you…but without clean water.

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 5/25/17 4:01 PM

For World Water Day, charity: water put out a quiz that asks you a few questions, and then tells the story of someone like you in Adi Etot, a community in northern Ethiopia located high on a plateau.

There are only three water sources located around Adi Etot, but source #1 — which is still 30–45 minutes round trip — is only available for two months out of the year. The other two sources range from 2–6 hours round trip. On foot. Carrying water. That’s absolutely crazy.

I — Valerie — took the quiz and learned the story of a girl named Abrehet, an 18-year-old girl living in Adi Etot. Abrehet shares similar values with me — we both value family, health, and the future. The difference between us is that she had to drop out of school at an early age to help out around the house. With a family of eight, it’s a full-time job for her.


Many families in Adi Etot must choose which children to send to school, and the rest must stay home to help farm, earn money, take care of the animals, and collect water. Every day, Abrehet travels to one of the water sources to fill one jerry can of polluted water. It has made her family sick several times, and they often can’t afford to go to the health clinic.

While Abrehet travels between 2–6 hours every day 10 months of the year, it only takes us maybe 30 seconds to access clean water. Now imagine the 660 million people that don’t have access to clean water, something so seemingly simple to us.

Access to clean water means that:

  • - Every week, 16,000 lives can be saved from proper sanitation and clean water.
  • - Teenage girls don’t have to stay home for a week every month with proper toilets at schools.
  • - Communities have more time to grow food, earn income, and go to school — all of which fight poverty.
  • - Women and children get their lives back and get to start businesses, improve their homes, and take charge of their own futures.

People like Abrehet can have access to clean water with an one-time or recurring donation. We’re pretty lucky to have constant access to clean water. Let’s try and provide something so simple but essential to everyone.

Click this link to find someone like you that doesn't have access to clean water. 

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