Case study of a recent success:

Posted by Joe Quint on 6/9/17 4:19 PM

Recently we had the pleasure of working with the Nepal Adoptive Families Association (NAFA) to produce a video for their annual benefit. The goal was to raise awareness of the situation of malnourished orphans in Nepal, to raise the money needed to further their mission and to provide NAFA with a tool that could be easliy used for other events, social campaigns, etc. To the delight of everyone, the event was a great success. 

While we would have loved to travel to Nepal to capture footage and experiences – we just couldn't. So we did the next best thing. We used existing assets, we asked the nurses on the ground over there to capture everyday footage, and we conducted powerful interviews over Skype (until it rained and they lost their internet connection!).  

Here's what one nurse - Smita - had to say about the "why" behind her work:

Joe: "Hey, so what's the story with that stuffed toy in the background? Does that belong to one of the kids?"

Smita: "This is my cushy because, when I was child I used to live in hostel. My rearing was totally done in hostel so I was really far from my parents. So whenever I don't, I don't get a good sleep or some sleep I used to sleep with a teddy bear. So still, still I am continuing this. And I know the pain, not being with your dad and mom so that's why I'm very attached to children because I know, I already have suffered from this pain and I've already grown through the stage without living without your parents. It's really hard, so I love ... I just seem themselves in the state of mind where I used to be. Or the state that have been being I can rely on that, so I just love the children. They need love and affection, they are just so innocent that ... They just need love and care, that's all."

When someone gives us a gift like that - a gift of openness, honesty, and trust - it doesn't matter that we were thousands of miles away. We might as well have been in the room.

Have you ever encountered a similar challenge – distance, different timezone or otherwise? How did you manage and what was the outcome? Love to hear about it in the comments. 

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