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Inside closed doors: California's most violent juvenile prison.

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 8/24/17 1:00 PM

The power of visual storytelling is in the message and supporting media. Thoughtful and detailed language create the tone of the setting while illustration, photography or video assets set the stage. Take a look at this Vantage article to get a sense of how powerful the intersection of message and media can be.


Topics: mass incarceration, criminal justice, prison reform, digital storytelling

Making an impact – one tattoo at a time.

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 8/23/17 10:43 AM

We are all forced to make choices based on our current circumstances and options present at the time. But what if you made a choice you instantly regretted, or looking back now you wish you hadn't made? That's how Dave Cutlip, tattoo artist, and his wife felt after being recently approached to cover up a regrettable facial tattoo.


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Feature: Room to Read

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 8/22/17 3:38 PM

Topics: fundraising, youth, cause marketing, digital storytelling

J.K. Rowling teaches us something about digital storytelling...

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 8/22/17 1:48 PM

With great success of the Harry Potter series for the last 20 years, J.K. Rowling sure knows a thing or two about storytelling. Her unique and fascinating stories capture the hearts and minds of people of all ages and stages and with her new venture of Pottermore, she's given us insight into how she's grown a tale into a world of digital storytelling. Here are a few of her storytelling secrets.


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3 rules for every successful donation page.

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 8/21/17 11:51 AM

Here are a few things all successful donations pages should have in common: 


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Pay it forward this Father's Day.

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 6/19/17 2:05 PM

Sure, dads love getting new toys for Father's Day - but does he really need anything? This year, instead of giving him something that will get lost or become outdated in 6 months, how 'bout letting him help another brave and courageous dad support his family?


Topics: impact, health, humanity

Not a bad place to work.

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 6/9/17 4:17 PM

Not a bad place to work.

Beautiful views of the city and endless sunsets over the Brooklyn Bridge – it's moments like these that remind us how lucky we are to work in Dumbo, Brooklyn.


Online communications for nonprofits.

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 6/6/17 3:39 PM

If you’re looking for ways to communicate for your nonprofit, here are 5 simple but effective ways to do so:


The most powerful and genuine way to tell the story of your nonprofit (and the people behind it) is through stories that inspire and attract old and new donors alike. We often say that the difference between a good story and a great story is what catapults supporters into action.


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