3 rules for every successful donation page.

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 8/21/17 11:51 AM

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Here are a few things all successful donations pages should have in common: 

1. Make your donations tangible. Tell your donors where their money goes and how it's helping. It reinforces the difference you're making by using specific and concrete examples.

2. Use strong visuals with powerful data. Nothing drives home a message more than reading compelling data and seeing supported imagery. Imagery helps to relate the issue while the message/data drives engagement.

3. This one is for the smaller organizations - focus on your unique story. Use your story to relate to people's innate humanity. Tell the story of where your donation goes and WHO it's helping - being that you're a smaller organization you have the advantage of making a personal human connection with people. Use that to your advantage.

Finally, keep your message positive, keep it inclusive - no one wants to feel guilted into a donation. You want to make every person feel like they're making a difference, serving a purpose, and changing the world. So keep your messaging positive, empowering, and part of a larger narrative that gives people something to feel good about.

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